Evaluating the mediating effect of Emotional Contagion between perceived stress and in-role performance

Emotional contagion has assumed great importance in interpersonal relationships across organisations (Banerjee & Srivastava, 2019). It is an integral part of any organisational setup and wields great influence over groups and individuals (Fisher, 2019). It is the process of transmitting one individual’s emotions to another either voluntarily or involuntarily (Doherty, Orimoto, Singelis, Hatfield & Hebb, 1995; Barsade, 2002; Srivastava and Banerjee, 2016). It impacts different aspects of an individual like stress, burnout, exhaustion and performance (Gump & Kulik, 1997). Emotional contagion and stress are intricately interconnected (Vijayalakshmi & Bhattacharyya, 2012). Previous literature reveals that higher stress has a direct and positive relationship with emotional contagion. Emotional contagion also has a direct impact on the performance of an individual (Johnson, 2008). Higher the emotional contagion, better will be the performance. So emotional contagion acts as a mediator between stress and performance. Read more