Current Issues

Volume 30 Issue-2 | April 2022

Editorial – A Lonely Planet

Author  Tapan Kumar Panda

Analyzing Visitors’ Review of Homestays Located in Nature-Based Settings: An NLP Based Approach

Author  Gopi Nath Vajpai , Debashis Pattanaik

Application of Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Modelling to Measure Experience Economy of Tourists

Author  Ashish Mohanty , Sitikantha Mishra

A Study to Investigate Consumer’s Resonance Experience Effect and Engagement Behaviour on Travel Vlogs

Author  Sasmita Mohanty , B.B Pradhan , Dr. Debasis Sahoo

Application of Social Media Analytics in Assessing Decision Insights of Tourists under Disruption

Author   Arup Kumar Baksi1 Bivraj Bhusan Parida Smita Sucharita Mahapatra  

Causality between Service Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction Across Star Hotels

Author  Ansuman Samal , Sitikantha Mishra  

Food Motives in a Visitor Destination: A Study on Domestic Tourist Visit

Author   Dr. Mou Roy , Bireswar Pradhan

Empirical Study on Local Residents’ Participation in Endogenous Tourism Development

Author  Patita Paban Mohanty  

How Psychological and Contextual Factors Influence Green Hotel Stay? An Empirical Evidence from Young Indians

Author  Sarfraj Ansari Mohd Adil Nikhil Dogra Mohd Sadiq