NMIMS Management Review Journal FAQs

Q. Can I submit a paper anytime of the year?

A: Yes, we invite submissions throughout the year. However we have specific timelines for Special Issues

Q. Does this Journal have an ISSN Number?

A: Yes, it has an ISSN Number

Q. Is this journal approved by UGC?

A. Yes

Q. Is this Journal a part of any databse?

A. Cabell

Q. How can I submit a research paper?

A. You can submit your research paper by email to managingeditor@sbm.nmims.edu

 Please follow the contributor guideline for details of submission

Q. How do I know that my research paper is submitted?

A; You will receive an acceptance mail from Managing Editor

Q. Does the journal follow a blind review process?

A. Yes, it’s a double blind peer reviewed journal 

Q. What happens when the research paper is submitted?

A. The research paper will undergo a review process and the author will be communicated at every stage of the life of the research paper.

Q. Will I receive the review comments from the editor?

A. Yes, you will receive the review comments and acceptance/rejection of the paper from the managing editor from time to time.

Q. Will this journal be available on Amazon to buy>

A. Yes the journal will be available in Amazon both kin Kindle version as well as order to print version.

Q. How much time it takes to publish an article?

A. The timeline depends on reviewers as well as compliance from an author. However the time line can be from three months to six months for a publication

Q. Can I submit my paper in another journal simultaneously?

A. No, the contributor is not permitted to submit his/her article in any other journal till the editor communicates about rejection, However, in a post rejection scenario, the contributor is free to submit in any other journal.

Q. Is language editing service available with the journal?

A. We don’t provide language editing services. However in future we may partner with a language editing agency to look at your paper and help you in improving your academic writing