Understanding technology readiness and user’s perceived satisfaction with mobile wallets services in India

This study used the UTAUT model to measure consumers’ intention and perceived satisfaction towards the usage of mobile wallet. Given the rising importance of mobile wallet services, the significance of influential factors of their adoption including ease of use, trust, usefulness, attitude, social norms, perceived risk and, innovativeness need to be explored while assessing consumer perceived satisfaction with the mobile wallet. Our study also tested the moderating effect of innovativeness, social norms and perceived risk on a few constructs. Usefulness and innovativeness were found as most crucial factors to predict consumers’ intention. We have also found that, the moderating effect of innovativeness and social norms were most significant in predicting consumers’ intention. This study tested the UTAUT model in the Indian context.

Keywords: Mobile Wallet, Intention, Satisfaction, Gap,
Innovativeness, Stress

Advanced wireless technology has fuelled unprecedented growth in the mobile industry (Weber, 2007). Features like ‘innovative’ technology, highspeed connectivity and unique design systems have empowered mobile devices to send real time information to the users and offer opportunity to ompanies wishing to penetrate the untapped market Singh et. al. 2016). Mobile penetration has emerged s a harbinger of major social change (Verma & Sinha, 018). Another major development is the pace of rowth of mobile commerce. The mobile wallet is the engine of mobile commerce.
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