Adoption of M-Banking Service Apps for Rural Consumers: An Empirical Analysis

The Banking industry is one of the most important sectors of any nation. There have been so many advancements implemented till date in the area of online banking with many more yet to come. In developing countries, online banking is speedily improving. The introduction of smart phones and 4G facilities in India have taken online banking a step ahead. People residing in urban areas are already adopting and enjoying online banking. The aim of this study is to find out the primary factors that influence rural consumers’ adoption behaviour towards mobile banking. Technology acceptance model has been applied for this study. Responses have been gathered from rural consumers of West Bengal and multistage sampling procedure has been implemented to conduct the research. 287 samples were selected and multiple regression analysis was conducted to find the outcome of the study. Perceived convenience has a significant and highest impact whereas perceived cost and risk does not have any significant impact towards adoption of mobile banking apps.

Keywords: M-app, Convenience, Trust, Cost, Adoption,
Usefulness, TAM

A World Bank report states that the level of grown-ups without ledgers tumbled in the last few years. This pattern is to a great extent driven by the increase in accounts in various banks among developing nations 
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