Rural labor structure transformation under the impact of labor migration: Evidence from Central Vietnam

Rural labor migration has been making a profound impact on all aspects of life of a farmer in Thanh Hoa province. The process of labor migration, however, has also brought a large number of challenges to provinces in Central Vietnam; for example, career, employment, cultural changes, lifestyle, human resources, changes in labor structure of agriculture, etc. This study was conducted to indicate the effects of labor migration on the rural labor restructuring process at present. Data were obtained from 385 respondents through 15 indepth interviews, 10 semi-structured interviews and 2 group discussions. The study has systematically assessed the transition status of rural labor structure under the influence of labor migration. It is very useful for the local authorities and agencies to identify the general situation of changes in the structure of agriculture, industry, and the service sector in households. Besides, the study has suggested several solutions to affect the rural labor transformation process positively.
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