To Stay or to Quit: Moderating role of organisational role stress between organisational identification, employee engagement and turnover intention


This study investigates the association between organisational identification, employee engagement, turnover intention and the moderating role of Organisational Role Stress (ORS ). Utilizing Conservation of Resources (COR) theory and a sample of 378 managers from the hospitality industry in India, we found that organisational identification was positively related to employee engagement and negatively related to turnover intention. The study also found that ORS moderated the relationships between organisational identification, employee engagement and turnover intention. Our findings therefore highlight the important role that organisational identification plays as a personal resource to help managers cope with stress. We highlight the need for future research and practical implications of our findings.

Keywords: Organisational Identification, Employee Engagement, Turnover Intention, Hospitality Industry, India



The hospitality industry is a tough industry to work in and it has been noticed that the attrition rate has always been unsteady and higher compared to other sectors. Employees in hospitality face a high level of stress (Kim et al., 2007) as the work profile is labour intensive with long working hours, frequent and intensive communication with customers and a high level of emotional involvement and stress (Hayes and Weathington, 2007).
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