Causality between Service Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction Across Star Hotels

Received: 26th Nov 2021 | Review: 21st Dec 2021 | Accepted: 06th Mar 2022

Volume 30, Issue-2, April 2022

Background: To win the race of hares, one has to become a leopard performing in faster and pro-active manners than others to win the competition. But to come first and remain ahead of others for longer durations, demands quality initiatives in business processes and therefore the topic on quality in service operations beards paramount importance.

Objectives: On this note, we have tried to assess the prevailing service quality of various star category hotels in the state of Odisha in India where the renowned SERVQUAL scale is employed to map the difference of opinions between the guests visiting the hotels.

Materials & Methods: A total of 395 numbers of interviews were conducted through convenient sampling process and the data was captured through the use of a structured questionnaire. The collected data were assessed through the use of descriptive statistics that includes percentage calculations, cross tabulations, t-test, analysis of variance, correlation coefficient, and multiple regression analysis, etc.

Results: The results revealed sorry state of affairs at the selected hotels where positive gap scores were obtained between the expectations and perceptions of the customers. Based upon the findings, curtain corrective measures are proposed in the study for enhancing the qualitative parameters of the hotels.

Epilogue: Survival of the fittest is the word that describes the market scenario. The entities that remain fit, agile, anticipatory, proactive, caring, and most importantly quality conscious can only win the race with flying colours.

Originality: This study analyzes the quality of various services initiatives prevailing at the star hotels in the state of Odisha in India for which our study can certainly help in generating different guidelines to ensure the optimal levels of quality as desired by the guests at the hotels which will help in development of a long term and sustainable quality initiative in the sector compared to international standards.

Keywords: Service Quality, SERVQUAL Scale, Customer Satisfaction, Repeat Purchase Intentions.

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