The Impact of Dharma on Management PhilosophyA Comparative Study of Vishnu Smriti and
Contemporary Corporate Thinking

Received: 14 Jan 2021 | Revised: 20 June 2021 | Accepted: 16 Sept 2021

Vol 29, Issue-4, October-December 2021

Purpose: Management philosophy acts as a foundation for business by defining its vision, mission, and purpose and by providing guidelines for its operations. For centuries, Indian ethos has encouraged socially beneficial corporate behavior by invoking the concept of dharma. Using a historical analysis research design, this paper attempts to measure the impact of dharma on management philosophy of modern companies.
Methodology: The paper uses a historical analysis research design. The paper specifies the ideal from Vishnu Smriti, a Dharmasastra text of ancient India. The contemporary management thinking is studied by analyzing the management philosophy statements of the fifty corporations comprising the NIFTY index in India. Several data analytics techniques like correlation analysis, association analysis and path analysis, have been used to measure that the impact of dharma on management philosophy. Download View

Keywords: Management philosophy; Dharma; Vishnu Smriti; NIFTY; Universal welfare