Service Quality in Natural Gas Distribution: A Study

Received: 11 Nov 2020| Revised: 20 June 2021 | Accepted: 10 Sept. 2021

Vol 29, Issue-4, October-December 2021

Abstract Purpose: Using the SERVQUAL model in the Natural Gas Distribution business context, the research paper examines and compares the quality of service parameters of two City Gas Distribution (CGD) companies engaged in Piped Natural Gas (PNG) distribution- one from public and other from the private sector Research Design/Approach: Mapping of various activities pertaining to domestic (household) PNG service on the SERVQUAL dimensions was undertaken. Based on the mapping, a relevant data collection tool was deployed to collect the data on PNG service quality parameters from the respondents, who were current consumers of these companies. Hypotheses regarding various components of SERVQUAL model were tested towards the comparison of service quality of these companies. Data were analyzed by employing an appropriate statistical tool. Download View


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