Role Stress, Psychological Well Being and Resilience among Working Professional

Abstract: External demand on biological, social and psychological equilibrium of individuals, called as stress, has adverse impact on health, performance and wellbeing of an individual. One of the principal sectors of life, job and organization, leads to workplace stress. In both developed and developing nations job stress poses significant health risk to employees leading to anxiety, burnout, cardiovascular disease, depression, and insomnia. Declared as worldwide epidemic by WHO, stress, not only results in large emotional cost to worker’s performance and financial burden on organization but also accounts for accidents at workplace.

In the context of this study, the factor of psychological well-being is a state of mind which includes an individual’s desire to live life joyfully, and attain equilibrium between activities at work and efforts to build psychological resilience where resilience is the ability to bounce back or rebound from difficulty or misfortune or even increased responsibility. This analysis which establishes quantitative relationship among organization role stress, psychological well-being and resilience at work can be used by organizations and academia in order to gain insights into organizations role stress, psychological well-being and resilience at workplace. Read more