Editorial- A New Beginning

Covid- 2019 has brought in unparalleled challenges to human civilization. We have faced such situations in the long past and assumed that the development in science and technology has insulated us from such dreaded pandemics. Though we had few similar incidents like AIDS, SARS, and Ebola virus had geographic limitations with no such high impact and global effect as the current problem. This pandemic has challenged the existence and growth of nations bringing in problems that have both short- term as well as very long- term impacts. The human race is peculiar in nature. We are neither stronger, faster, bigger nor the most prudent ones (some say honey bees and penguins are more intelligent than us) but we have these uncanny abilities to survive against all adversaries and bounce back to normalcy. Resilience is the key to human survival and growth. Research on resilience in psychology has confined itself to a uni-dimensional approach and work context only. It is time to research more on a social or national level. Resilience is an important behavior for success, growth, and survival (King, Newman &Luthans, 2016) for organizations and people working init. Now we need to refocus on nations, societies, races, and cultures to answer the question- why some of these institutions cope better; bounce back faster than others. Some scholars look at resilience as a dynamic process while others sees it as a trait (King et al, 2016).However, all definitions describe resilience as the ability to deal with and adapt to adversities. Read more