The Level of Awareness and the Impact of Age Factor on the Awareness of Visitor Management

Tourism in Kerala has witnessed commendable growth over the recent years. Wildlife tourism destinations in Kerala contribute a very significant share in this development. Wildlife tourism site operators receive a growing number of visitors in wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and other wildlife tourism destinations every day. In order to control the number and activities of the visitors, there is a need to implement destination management practices which include environmental conservation efforts like visitor management in these tourist destinations. In this paper, the researchers analyse whether there is any impact of age on the awareness of visitors in wildlife tourism destinations. The study developed a sevenitem awareness scale with Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.852 which is acceptable. ANOVA test was used to analyse the relationship between the variables ‘age’ and ‘awareness’ on visitor management. The study found that for the variable ‘awareness’ on visitor management practices, the age group below 25 years differs significantly from 36-45 years age group. The age group 26-35 years differs significantly from 36-45 years. The age group 36-45 years significantly differs from the age grouhp above 55 years. The researchers also tested the awareness model of visitor management by conducting a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). Read more