The Influence of Organizational Aesthetics on Work life Quality in Employees

This study aims to investigate the role of organizational aesthetics on work life quality in employees. The research approach of this study was a qualitative approach and the grounded theory method has been used. In the grounded theory, the first step is coding of the concepts that underlie the foundation of the theory. The second is the axial coding step. At this stage, the descriptive codes are combined according to the common characteristics of the concepts below. The third is the selective coding step. At this stage, one category is known as the core category and the other categories are linked to that, and eventually, the data based theory is created. The qualitative research software, NVivo10 was used to sort, arrange and classify data. The statistical population of this research is the employees of an insurance organization of Kerman city, Iran. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. The sampling method is theoretical sampling method. The results showed that the organization aesthetics strategy can improve the work life quality in employees.
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