Modelling the impact of attitude and satisfaction on perception of customers with special reference to supermarkets and family run stores – structural equation modelling approach

The development of our economy depends on the major industries in our country. These industries can be classified as organized and unorganized sector. The retail industry, which is part of the organized sector, has performed well over the past decade. Family run stores, supermarkets and malls are also doing well since the past five decades, but these are part of the unorganized sector. This research study evaluates the customer’s perception of family run stores and supermarkets. This study addresses the following issues – What aspects are involved in customer perception? How do the customers’ attitude and satisfaction influence their perception, and in this connection, how do they perceive supermarkets and family run stores? These are the major research issues. The authors have undertaken a scientific inquiry to evaluate the perceptions of customers about family run stores and retail stores located in Tiruchirappalli city.
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