Connecting with Indian Rural Consumers – A Structural Equation Model of Consumer Brand Preference

The main objective of this research is to systematically examine the variables which stimulate the purchase intention of rural consumers for hair conditioners. This involves assessing the relationship between consumers and brand preference, and examining the mediating impact of their age, gender, education, and family earnings on brand preference. The research methodology comprises of Exploratory and Descriptive study, Confirmatory factor analysis and Structural Equation Modelling. For this research, a sample (n=1016) of Indian rural customers was examined. The construct verified the appropriate levels for convergent validity, composite reliability, construct validity and discriminant validity. It has been discovered that age, gender, education and family income have an important impact on variables which stimulate the desire of the rural customer to buy hair conditioners. Factors which stimulate customer buying intention for branded hair conditioners have also been discovered to have an important impact on consumer brand preference. Gender, education and family income mediation effects were found to be significant. Read more.