Impact of fear of “Victimization” on online shopping among Millennials

Online shopping is increasing with the use of smart phones, which makes shopping more convenient and instant. Online shopping has become increasingly popular as a result of various shopping apps available on online stores such as Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. These apps are easy to use and allow users to search, explore and purchase products using their smart phones (Dai et al., 2014; Mosteller et al., 2014;). These apps even allow buyers to search, compare and analyse before making a buying decision. High usage of mobile phones by millennials has resulted in an increased activity on online platforms. The technology has generated a significant change in the buying behaviour habits and preferences, which has also caused an increase in e-commerce (Castander, Rebón and Alzua-Sorzabal, 2015; Fortes and Rita, 2016). The growth of e-commerce is the result of consumers finding it more economical and convenient (Hong and Cha, 2013; Lin, Luo and Chea, 2016; Pei, Paswan and Yan, 2014). Read More