Review of Evaluative Criteria used by Consumers Preceding Purchase Decisions of FMCGs


This paper is an exploratory review of literature to understand and obtain insights on the evaluative criteria consumers use to make purchase decisions of FMCG products. Understanding consumers’ psyche is a very complex process; it becomes more complex when consumers evaluate alternatives before they purchase FMCG products to satisfy their needs. Knowledge of various evaluative criteria used by consumers is crucial for marketing decisions. This study focuses on evaluative criteria used in purchase decisions of FMCG products. The researchers have reviewed and thoroughly studied various relevant research conducted in the past. This review has revealed that the key evaluative criteria used by consumers of FMCG products are Price, Quality, Brand, Lifestyle, Advertisement and Packaging. Other relevant factors that impact the evaluative process are
education qualifications of consumers, awareness and accessibility of FMCG products.

Key words: Consumer Behaviour, Evaluative Criteria, Consumer Decision Making Process, FMCG

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