Knowledge-Based Supply Chain Practice: A study on Indian digital selling companies


  • Pratibha Jha
  • Dr. Bhaskar Karn


Knowledge-enabled supply chain process or supply chain learning (SCL) in Indian digital selling firms is an evolving area due to rapid growth of online trade in India. This study attempts to identify the integration of knowledge management systems with the supply chain management process in Indian digital selling companies. We have developed a conceptual model with backgrounds of supply chain learning, components and outcome variables, and empirically tested through structural equation modelling using a sample of online sellers in India. The relationship
model has been developed with the help of PLS SEM tool which brings out how knowledge management enabled supply chain process is facilitating online businesses in a more dynamic way to meet the everchanging business environment and customer requirements.


Building a knowledge-creating organization provides competitive advantage. This is facilitated by innovative use and management of organizational knowledge by knowledge-creating companies and learning organizations. In case of online selling companies, real time knowledge is especially required from the first stage of SCM till the last stage to support creation and dissemination of business knowledge and its integration into new products, services and business processes.

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