Editorial – January 2018

In this January 2018 issue of the Journal, we present six important and interesting research manuscripts by
thoughtful scholars and practitioners.

In this issue, I am presenting below a thought piece on how to balance democratization of education and maintain
th high-quality. This article was published in the special issue produced on the occasion of the 89 Annual Meet of
Association of Indian Universities.

Democratization of High-Quality Education and Effective Learning

Education is a driver of economic development, prosperity, social justice and empowerment. So, as stewards of
learning and education we have an obligation and responsibility to enhance these outcomes. This not only
requires an understanding of science and technology, commerce and business but also cultivation of values and
critical inquiry.

Transformative discoveries in science and technology have come from compelling curiosity. For example, Newton
did thought experiments and postulated the laws of motion, the gravitational theory and the differential calculus.
Einstein’s theory of relativity is more an outcome of his deep reflection, than work in large labs. All these
exemplars advise us that our learners should be endowed with imagination and critical thinking. In India, where
inclusiveness and innovation are central to our shared prosperity, such attributes are even more urgent.

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